What if the world is here solely for me.
What if that was the approach I took… ‘The world is mine!’
Where the world is as amazing as I want it to be.
It is created for me.
To challenge, execute, inspire and to share.

What is it that finally makes us feel that we’re valuable enough and worth it
That we deserve to share our story?

If I cannot find value within, then it is unreasonable to expect others to find any value either.
Then once I figure out my value, how do I let go of ego, and forgive my younger self?

“Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.”

I love and embrace that what I know today may be completely wrong tomorrow
… and guess what?
That it is ok and I should not be ashamed that I may have come from a less informed place.

You can’t give people what they want, but you can give them something else.
You can give them understanding.

Amanda Palmer

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